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Milling machines, Lathes, Grinding machines, EDM machines, Presses, ect.

Here you will find advertisements of used metal working machines, such as milling machines, lathes, grinders, EDM machines, presses, etc.

An overview of the machines from this site you will find here.

   CNC-machining centre STEINEL BZ 20,
X / Y / Z 400 / 320 / 320 mm, NC-rotary table 4th Axis, Sinumerik 880 M, ISO 40, 4-fold pallet storage, 4 pallets 320 x 320 mm, speed 7100 rpm., 60-fold tool changer, chip conveyor, internal cooling supply atachment 30 bar, Pos. 7752 Photo   Inquiry
Here are the latest advertisements
Operator Panel
, Control Panel with swivel arm 600 mm x 600 mm x 230 mm, control panel capture 290 mm x 450 mm, weight 22.5 kg, Arm: tube diameter 80 mm x 80 mm, length 1100 mm + 10, Pos. 14660 Photo   Inquiry
industrial vacuum cleaner NILFISK IV 150 L
Year 2008, total output: 15,0 kW, weight of machine: 450 kg, , main filter area 36500 cm², intake manifold diameter 99 / 115 mm, air delivery 335 ltr./sec., protection class IP 55, negative pressure 45 kpa, tank volume 150 ltr, dry vaccum cleaner with filter class L, filter certified for ATEX Zone 22 for dust of dust explosion class ST 1/ ST 2 / ST 3, especially suitable for extraction of ALU chips, original price is approx. 10,000 to 12,000 €, Pos. 14659 Photo   Inquiry
press brake BYSTRONIC Hämmerle 3P 250 x 4100
Year 2015, build-in height: 915 mm, stroke: 400 mm, troath: 250 mm, distance between columns: 4200 mm, pressure: 250 t, working length: 4100 mm, space requirement (W x D x H): 5,85 x 2,39 x 3,345 m, weight of machine: ca. 23000 kg, total output: 34 kW, , 5-axis, 3 dynamic bending aids - 1 in the front - 2 in the back, 2 supports, LED lighting, hydr. crowning, Y-rapid traverse 180 mm/s, Y-working operation 10 mm/s, Y-backstroke 150 mm/s, operator terminal ByVision Bending with 22 " Full HD Touchscreen, , 3 tool sets (Bystronic) each 4 m,,,,,, working hours 552, Pos. 14658 Photo   Inquiry
Pressure System WIWOX CI DP 14 EU
Year 2017, total output: 2 kW, weight of machine: 705 kg, , blasting chamber (w/l/h) 1370 x 1000 x 890 mm, door dimensions 920 x 780 mm, laoding weight max. 350 kg, air consumption max. 5 bar, cabin dimension (w/l/h) 1550 x 1620 x 2150 mm, , Wear protection covering on back- and door sides, cabin lighting 2 x 40 watt, blasting hour meter, blasting material recovery system with magnetic separator, exhaust van 1,5 kw/400 V/50 Hz, extraction capacity 1200 m³/h, automatic start of dust extraction system, integrated cartridge filters with 3 cartridges and 20 m² filter area, BIA category class " C " residual dust content of 0.1 %, filter negative pressure 2200 Pa, optical filter cartridge control, dust bucket control, SPS control Siemens S 7, automatic filter cleaning system, dust collector, 2 foot switches for blasting and dust blow-off, dust tight and low-wear sight- and impact glass, Sandfighter cabinet gloves dust-tight and very low-wear optionally used turn-table with loading platform, diameter 600 mml, loadable up to 500 kg, loading platform length 1200 mm screwed with blast machine, rail system in cabinet, sealed by slide flap mounted right side on machine., Pos. 14657 Photo   Inquiry
injector blasting cabin WIWOX CI RA 36 - 1
Year 2017, weight of machine: 150 kg, , blasting chamber dimension (w/l/h) 600 x 910 x 580 mm, air consumption approx. 700 l/min at 6 bar jet pressure, jet nozzle 8 mm, , replaceable dust-tight gloves, cabin leight outside in combination with jet pressure regulator, manometer, blast gun 8 mm, tungsten carbine jet nozzle, foot pedal, lamp and sight glass with additional impact pane with quick-change frame, front feeding-flap with security switch and gas pressure absorbers, additional door right side, 24 months manufacturer warranty, optionally cardrige filter 200 is recommended for dedusting, this filter is designed for permanent operation and fulfills BIA tested categorie " C " for residual dust in exhaust air returned into room., Pos. 14656 Photo   Inquiry
L+Z centre lathe WEILER LZ - PRIMUS - GS
Year 1991, centre height: 128 mm, length between centres: 430 mm, speed range: 60 - 3000 rpm, total output: 1,5 kW, weight of machine: 400 kg, , collets, qick change device including 39 collets 1.0 - 20 mm, 3 - jaw chuck Futter Roehm 125 mm with interchangeable jaws, quick change steel holder TRIPAN including 2 sets, tool cabin with 6 trays, rotating lathe centre, quick action drill chuck, feed stop, main spindle cone with tip, lathe chuck flange 130 mm, drive plate, machine lamp, chip protection wall, chuck protection cover, several small parts, pole changeable motor, documentation, Pos. 14655 Photo   Inquiry
L+Z centre lathe EMCO MAXIMAT SUPER 11
Year 1990, centre height: 136 mm, length between centres: 650 mm, spindle bore: 26 mm, speed range: 55 - 2200 rpm, total output: 1,4 kW, weight of machine: 350 kg, , 3-jaw chuck 125 mm, 4-fold steel holder, 4-jaw chuck 150 mm with separately adjustable jaws, face plate 150 mm, drill chuck, revolving centre, fixed centre, several turning tools, chip protection wall, stop, transport device, pole-changeable motor, Pos. 14654 Photo   Inquiry

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