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Milling machines, Lathes, Grinding machines, EDM machines, Presses, ect.

Here you will find advertisements of used metal working machines, such as milling machines, lathes, grinders, EDM machines, presses, etc.

An overview of the machines from this site you will find here.

   CNC-machining centre STEINEL BZ 20,
X / Y / Z 400 / 320 / 320 mm, NC-rotary table 4th Axis, Sinumerik 880 M, ISO 40, 4-fold pallet storage, 4 pallets 320 x 320 mm, speed 7100 rpm., 60-fold tool changer, chip conveyor, internal cooling supply atachment 30 bar, Pos. 7752 Photo   Inquiry
Here are the latest advertisements
engraving machine DECKEL GK 21
Year 1988, X: 150 mm, Y: 300 mm, table size: 360 x 200 mm, speed range head stock: 475 - 20.000 rmp, total output: 0,65 / 1,0 kW, weight of machine: 450 kg, , engraving and copy milling machine, max. distance of milling spindle centre pindel - clamping surface 350 mm, templates table 520 x 320 mm, max. distance pantography arm - clamping surface 240 mm, smallest gear ratio pantograph 1 : 10, max. gear ratio pantograph 1 : 1,5, holder milling spindle collets - max. bore 8 mm, , several clamping devices as machine vice with turntable, 3-jaw chuck, collets, machine lamp, several moulds and templates, several smal parts, 2 stage motor, Pos. 14620 Photo   Inquiry
Open Jet Unit ACF CI SL 28
Year 2014, weight of machine: 105 kg, space requirement (W x D x H): 965 x 430 x 890 m, , air consumption from 800 l/min., variable adjustement of jet pressure from 0.1 to 7 bar, capacity of suction device 24 l, device is absolutely as new as it has only been used for testing purposes, , integrated air cooler - consumption 2000 l/min., running gear, Pos. 14617 Photo   Inquiry
pipe notching machine PADDINGHAUS FORAX 25
Year 1981, total output: ca. 1,5 kW, weight of machine: 350 kg, , punching force 25 t, crane extension ca. 200 mm, mounting hight approxm. 280 mm, modification to punching machine or notching machine is possible, however, appropriate tools for this are not included, , 4 notcher tools for pipe diameter 36 / 44 / 50 mm, base frame, foot switch, Pos. 14616 Photo   Inquiry
Pneumatic Standard Cylinder Timmer GmbH ZTI-TNG5200/0300
Year 2017, stroke: 300 mm, temperature range: - 5 / 70 C, , 2 pcs. avaiable, standard cylinder TNG drawbar DIN ISO 15552, standard version double acting with contact-free position monitoring and adjustable end position damping, medium: filtered, oiled or oil free compressed air, working pressure 1 to 10 bar, mounting position as needed, surface protection, cylinder tube anodised, cover/ground powder coated, working pressure 0.5 to 10 bar, piston 200 mm, Pos. 14615 Photo   Inquiry
milling machine cnc METBA MB - 25 - CNC
Year 1985, X: 500 mm, Y: 400 mm, Z: 400 mm, table size: 950 x 450 mm, speed range: 40 - 2050 rpm, taper fixture: ISO 40 , spindle drive: 1,6 / 2,8 kW, control: Heidenhain TNC 145 , total output: 3,5 kW, weight of machine: 1800 kg, , swivelling vertical milling head with drilling head, coolant device, machine fixators, chip protection conveyor, 2 stage motor, Pos. 14614 Photo   Inquiry
L+Z centre lathe COLCHESTER TRIUMPH 2000
Year 1981, centre height: 196 / 305 mm, length between centres: 765 mm, spindle bore: 54 mm, speed range: 25 - 2000 rpm, coolant unit, total output: 4,5 kW, weight of machine: 1100 kg, , spindle power 3.67 kw, , 3-jaw chuck, chip protection wall backside, 1 fixed steady rest, revolving lathe centre, removable bed bridge, Pos. 14613 Photo   Inquiry
Pressure System WIWOX CI DP 12 BB
Year 2016, total output: 1,1 kW, weight of machine: 510 kg, , blasting chamber inner dimensions (w x l x h) 1110 x 930 x 830 mm, door dimensions (w x h) 830 x 720 mm, loading weight maximum 350 kg, extraction capacity 800 m/h, negative pressure 1600 Pa. , air consumption 2000 l at 4 bar and 8 mm jet nozzle, Eingangstrahldruck max. 6 bar, incoming beam pressure adjustable from 1 to 5 bar, cabin dimensions (w x l x h) 1250 x 1530 x 2080 mm, cabin weight 510 kg, the cabin is particularly suitable for cleaning tools of plastic or rubber production with organic blasting abrasives, the varnish of the device shows some small scratches which do not impair function., , SPS control system Siemens with maintenance interval and fault alarm system, soundproofe negative pressure cabin with 2 charging doors in sandwich construction at the side, blasting and blow-off function combined in one nozzle, LED user panel with LED signal lamp and key switch, blasting grit recovery system with filter sieve and magnetic separator, cartridge filter cabinet with automatic filter cleaning system and dust collector, vacuum gauge for filter vacuum monitoring and dust collector level monitoring, inlet and steam pressure manometer, large oval openining for greatest possible mobility, 2 foot switches for blasting and blow-off, cabin lighting, halogen lamps outside blasting chamber, wear protection at the backside, grates on ergonomic working hight, Sandfighter blast cabin colves - dust tight and very low-wear, breakthroughs at the side for longer workpieces, rotary plate, Pos. 14612 Photo   Inquiry

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